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2019 Tax Planning

The countdown begins. Once the clock rolls us into 2019, tax season gets underway. The old calendar year, 2018, will have been put officially to rest. Deductions from your paychecks and other income sources will begin counting for the New Year. 


Retirement Questions for Educators

As an educator contemplating the transition from work to retirement, we understand you may have several questions about when and how you can retire. This report addresses common questions and offers strategies to help you plan for a comfortable retirement.


4 Social Security Facts Retirees Must Know

Review important social security information, changes implemented in 2018 and advice about when to start collecting.


Don't Panic

The sudden stock market drop of February 2018 took many investors by surprise. The short answer to all of your questions: This appears to be a mere—although meaningful—blip on the historical radar.